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Manage Life’s Major Transitions

At Revival Wealth, we specialize in working with individuals going through intense life changes such as a divorce or loss of a family member, the sale of a business, career or job transitions.  We can help you decide what issues need to be addressed immediately and what issues can wait.  We help you take measured, well-thought-out steps to ensure you are on the right path.

Business Succession Planning

You have built your business through sound planning, hard work, and commitment.  We help you

  • Identify the steps to ensure your business covered for the loss of a key member
  • Assess when it is the right time to sell your practice
  • Help you develop a sound strategy to exit your business

Loss of a loved one

While loosing a loved family member can be emotionally and financially devastating, it does not have to be financially.  We help you

  • Define the careful steps required to mitigate the uncertainty you and your financial plan are feeling
  • Ensure your loved ones are protected if they were to lose you

Facing a  forced retirement or want to retire within the next five years

More often than we would like, we are faced with an early retirement that we did not plan.  This can be due to an illness or an employer's decision.  We help you,

  • Assess the resources available and required for you and your family to feel financially secure again
  • Define or redefine what retirement will or should look like
  • Help you prepare for all the unexpected what-ifs

Facing a business, career or job transition

Changing jobs or careers can take a toll on our financial stability.  We recommend you start working with us from the onset of the transition, to ensure the financial impact is minimal.  We help you,

  • Gain clarity on what role your future career/job plays in your overall financial plan
  • Define or adjusting your monthly plan (budget) to manage the potential uncertainties of the transition
  • Update your financial plan to matches your new business or career objectives
  • Prepare for all the unexpected what-ifs

Facing the blessing of taking care of an elderly family member

We understand the emotional, physical, and mental demands of caring for an elderly parent.  We never seem to be emotionally ready for it.  We help you,

  • Anticipate the events, identify potential financial impacts, and build the safeguards to mitigate them
  • Assess the resources available to mitigate the adverse effect this can have in your loved one’s financial plan
  • Assess the resources available to mitigate the adverse effect this can have in your own financial plan

Getting Organized

We partner with eMoney, an online client-centered account aggregation, planning and communication tool, to give you a real-time snapshot of your total net worth.  Imagine the power behind pulling together all of your accounts, private investments and personal assets into one, easy-to-understand platform.  Better information drives better long-term financial decisions.


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